Rs. 1,295
Color: BROWN

Utility /usage/features: Wallets are vitamins to men’s fashion. This textured wallet is easy to handle and elevates a taste of sophistication in your look while you carry it on daily basis. It has different spacious compartments to keep enough cards in a systematic manner. Its two main compartments facilitate to keep your bills and paper notes. Its vintage appearance is hand crafted by craftsman to make it look more appealing. Its extra flap enables to keep your identity cards safe and secure. Smooth interior with cotton lining inside ensures that your stash stays comfortable and classy.

Technical specifications:

Size: LXBXH: 4.7X3.13X0.11” (approx)

Material: LEATHER

WARRANTY: Lifetime Service Warranty

Leather Talks products are now available in India, Singapore and Oman

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