8 must-try Genuine Leather Wallets from the house of Leather Talks

Are you fed up with using the same designs when it comes to purses for regular usage? Try out a genuine leather wallet from the house of Leather Talks. Here go some of the best assortments from its diverse collection-

  1. Snake Wallet

The exclusivity of the crafted piece lies in its unique foil print. The genuine leather wallet comes with nine card pockets, one ID pocket, and two compartments to hold currency bills besides a bunch of cards. Its polished look makes it a must for convenient movement all along. Buy your own choice and enjoy a lifetime service warranty without a thought!

  1. Spring Wallet

The Spring Ladies Wallet boasts a gaudy finish with a golden touch.is sure to bring you s! Its compartments are spacious enough to carry every essential and belonging in one go. Meanwhile, its top closing chamber takes the style game to an altogether different level. and tone of the wallet. The offering comprises a flap enclosure with 4 hidden magnets, a detachable card holding compartment, a flap enclosure, a separable card compartment sourced from premium Italian Leather, 2 cash compartments, 1 hidden compartment, 1 transparent compartment, and 4 cardholders. The flap enclosure recoils automatically due to the hidden magnets, which can be slipped into Tote anytime. If you are wishing to compliment your personality, the lightweight wallet is worth considering in the present hour.

  1. Classique Gent's Wallet

The Classique Wallet is an old-school Genuine Leather Wallet to account for a simple and sophisticated look. It caters to a bi-fold style with 6 card compartments, 2 hidden compartments, 1 transparent compartment, 1 netted compartment, and 1 compartment to store cash and bills

  1. Prestigious Gent's Wallet

The finely crafted lavish wallet gets sourced from genuine leather, making it an outstanding choice. Its antique style and chic outlook contribute to rarity. All you need is to slip the lightweight wallet into the front pocket of your shirt or back pocket of your trousers and leave your statement. It comprises 9 card pockets, 1 ID pocket, 2 compartments to carry bills apart from 2 hidden pockets.

  1. Charmer Gent's Wallet

Incredibly designed like the scales on snakeskin, the genuine leather wallet is too good for a Charmer. Its lightweight allows for convenient carrying in the front pocket of shirt or back pockets of trousers. Your quest for an anti-theft wallet can be best quenched with the weighing option which offers 9 card pockets, 1 ID pocket, 2 Compartments to hold bills besides 2 hidden pockets.

  1. Stupendous Gent's Wallet

The classic black wallet packed in genuine leather is curated to sync with the corporate attire boldly. The minimal dotted weave pattern lends the piece an idiosyncratic edge to accommodate the practical needs of a nominal gentleman. Incorporate the lightweight carry into your lifestyle. Get the benefits of 9 card pockets, 1 ID pocket, 2 Compartments apart from 2 hidden pockets all in one item!

  1. Unique Gent's Wallet

The Unique gent's wallet made from genuine leather has an offbeat red-tiled feature as the name indicates. Resembling the scales on a snakeskin, its austere shade makes it candidly grand and quaint. Simply own the wallet. Let others derive inspiration from you!

  1. LT Smart Ladies Wallet

The anti-theft wallet from the legacy of LT is a singular, one-of-a-kind product to acclaim a lady’s ensemble meeting every technological need of a millennial woman. Its smooth and sheen finish goes hand in hand with the radiant personality whose multi-utility tracker keeps one technologically a step ahead.

It's high time to explore the amazing range from the house of Leather Talks!