Introducing LT Smart Valet Tray with Wireless Charging

While technology is always paving new roads of ease and practicality, it can take us a while to catch up with some of the latest trends. Are you still charging your smartphone with a standard wall charger, for example? It's past time for you to upgrade!

As we head into the New Year, it's the prime time for resolutions, health commitments, and a general feeling of self. Improving the way we perform everyday tasks should be a part of that. That list should also include how you upgrade your belongings, like your smartphone charger. Take a look at our innovative way to charge your phone. We at Leather Talks have recently launched a new product that is not only smart and productive but also very classy and chic. Introducing the LT Smart Valet Tray with Wireless Charging.

The LT Smart Valet Tray with Wireless Charging is a two-in-one gadget that can be used as a valet tray as well as a wireless charging dock. An accessory made of DDM softy genuine leather with a weighted anti-slip EVA bottom is a must-have for this luxury. This handy accessory has a modern design with a luxurious practical appearance. It works with most mobile phones that support wireless charging. 

The outer body of the Smart Valet Tray is built with premium quality genuine leather and medium density fiberboard material which not only gives a stylish premium finish to the product but also makes it more durable and scratch-resistant. It’s designed in the shape of a tray, to give it an aesthetic impact. The shape also complements the productivity of the device as it’s easy to hold your wallet, keys and also charges your phone.

The LT Smart Valet Tray is the utility product of the future. With smartphones and other devices having the option of wireless charging, the LT Smart Valet Tray is the best utility product one can have. Not only can you charge your phone while working but also have all our belongings neatly arranged and kept in the valet tray. A dual-purpose accessory that will help you dock your phone to charge as well as have all essentials - valet, keys, etc. in an organised manner. 

The fabric of this LT Smart Valet Tray product adds the right amount of classy and formal feel to it. The DDM leather and the anti-slip EVA bottom adds to the grip of the bottom surface making the tray not firm and constant in its place, while you’re working. It is compatible with several smartphone brands – Apple, Samsung, Google Nexus, Nokia, LG, HTC, etc. The compatibility is not just limited to these phones. Any mobile that supports wireless charging will work perfectly fine with the LT Smart Valet Tray. The genuine DDM leather adds to the premium look of the tray. The charging dock station comes with a durable nylon cable with a leather wire manager and can charge up to 3 mm in thickness.

A sleek, smart and classy valet tray that will enhance your work table and make your life easier. Instead of carrying a charger or charging cable and getting into the hassle of cables and wires, switching to a wireless charging dock station will not only make your life easier but also enhance the look and feel of your table. Step into the world of wireless technology with our LT Smart Valet Tray. Available in four different shades – Tan, Cherry, Black and Brown. LT Smart  Valet Tray also provides a 1-year replacement policy in case of any defect.

Get your LT Smart Valet Tray and uplift how you work and arrange your work table.

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