New Year gifts for employees – Corporate Gifting

New Year is special for all and especially, in the corporate space, this is an ideal occasion to do corporate gifting. One of the many benefits of corporate gifting is that it allows to bring forth, a friendly relationship between you and your employees. This is one absolute brilliant way to show your appreciation and love for your employees.

COVID-19 made the world operations come to a halt, but with constant efforts, we all are finding better ways to cope up (not to say that we haven’t, because we all sure have come a long way from it). The coming year holds a very special place in all our hearts. This new years’ is the best space to develop that strong bond with your employees and let them understand, how much they are appreciated for their cooperation and the hard work they have done for you. New Year means new beginnings and what better way to celebrate 2021, than the Leather Talks collection of New Year gift items and accessories for your employees. Crafted with genuine leather and handcrafted by skilled artisans, with attention to very minute details. Let’s take a look at some of our favourites this year.

Tweety Mini

From our collection of mini handbags, this item is especially made for your women employees. It is a designer accessory mini handbag, made in Italian fish texture skin and genuine leather. This tweety mini is going to be a party charmer, on all occasions, from New Year to birthdays, parties, candle light dinner and clubbing. What’s more fun is that, the tweety mini is bright, beautiful and a sight to behold with its rainbow look of assorted colors. Walk in a room with it and you’re sure to draw all the attention to yourself! You can hold it in your hand, or, extend it and hang around your torso. Pretty compact but a storehouse that can hold multiple belongings in one place.

Jasow messenger bag

Men aren’t behind women, when it comes to looking chic and carrying stylish bags. Messenger bags are very convenient, easy to hold onto and has a trouble-free reach for the contents inside it. Simply hang it on the shoulder or let it hang freely around your torso.  With premium YKK sliders, expandable chambers and customizable straps, they make it, the perfect combo of utility and class. A bright preppy orange glams up your style quotient and makes for a perfect New Year gift that is sure to bring a smile on the one wearing it.

Melunge notebook

Notepads, note sticks, notebooks, memo pads etc., are essentials of any work space. Any such writing pad is your best friend that you always carry with you. Without it, attending business meetings, writing down notes, making checklists and others, become a tough deal to crack. Made with genuine leather, polydrill and taffeta lining, the melunge notebook, in brown color is a great option as a New Year gift. All the more, with a case for mobile, one for ruler, pencil and pens, slots for cards and cash, we have packed value and style in one hand!

Leather talks New Year gifts for employees, will help you foster a great bond with your employees, these products are made to bring a smile to anyone who receives them. You love your employees and we love making everyone happy and contented. Dive in our website for more!