Why Have Attache Briefcases and Modern-Day Briefcases Become Popular?

The genuineness of leather briefcases is based on how a brand made the product with greater effort and superb craftsmanship. A good, luxurious, genuine, high-end leather Attache briefcase will always last, depending on its quality and durability.

Furthermore, timeless, stylish and sophisticated are added to any outfit whenever you use it. Leather Talks offers an elegant Leather Attache Briefcase that combines style and professionalism with your outfit. Our attached briefcases are a beautiful accessory that is truly timeless.

These are long-term investments that will serve you for years. Even these premium briefcases are not damaged when passed down from a high or thrust with any other sharp item.

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Our Popular Types of Leather Briefcases

What features does Leather Talks' Leather Attache Briefcase Bag provide?

Leather Talks's leather attache briefcases are handcrafted by our artisans using only the highest quality genuine leather and hardware. An attaché case is a small, rectangular, hinged case for carrying papers, documents, or other items. Investing in an attached Briefcase Bag is also an investment that can be passed on to the next generation.


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  1. It is typically made of leather or other durable material and has a handle and a strap for carrying.
  2. It is designed to be lightweight and sturdy, and business professionals and travellers often use it.
  3. The classic style and timeless design of leather attache briefcases make them a great choice for those looking for a luxurious yet practical accessory.
  4. The hinged design makes it easy to open and close, and the handle and strap make it comfortable to carry.
  5. The lightweight and sturdy construction ensures that the case can withstand the rigours of travel, while the leather material adds a stylish and sophisticated element to any look.
  6. A well-designed and well-made bag will use durable materials such as leather, canvas, or nylon to withstand regular use's daily wear and tear.
  7. A stylish and practical bag should have multiple compartments to accommodate all the essentials you need daily. It should also have various pockets to organize your belongings.
  8. A bag designed for professional and regular use should have comfortable straps or handles that make carrying it easy. It should be durable and comfortable to avoid discomfort when carrying a heavy load.
  9. A stylish and professional bag should have a timeless design that will stay in style quickly.
  10. Small details such as high-quality zippers, sturdy hardware, and well-stitched seams all add to a high-quality bag with a more extended lifespan.
  11. The bag should be versatile enough to suit different occasions and be able to transition seamlessly from work to play.
  12. A well-made bag should outlast the trends and last for many years with proper care. It should be resilient and not show signs of wear after a short period.
Characteristics of genuine leather attache briefcase

What elements make the bag more stylish, practicable, professional & long-lasting?

  • Metal Hardwere
  • Sturdy Handles
  • Attachable & Detachable name tags
  • Sleek edges
  • Premium fittings
  • Metal zippers
  • Nylon zipper encloses
  • Metal zipper chains
  • Swiss Amiet three-digit and two-digit combination locks
  • laptop compartments
  • Zipped compartments
  • Front pockets
  • Inner pockets
  • Multi-compartments
  • Single lock and Double lock features
  • Document compartments
  • Smartphone & wallet compartments
  • Pen pencil compartments
  • Inner lining
  • Multiple colours and multiple leather styles.
  • Double hinges
  • Trolley Straps
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Some FAQs on Leather Talks' briefcase

Are Leather Talks briefcases made with genuine leather?

Yes, these attache briefcases are made with genuine full-grain leather. The highest quality leather is available here. Generally, we use cowhide and bull hide to make leather items.

How many colours are available?

Grey, Navy Blue, Blue, Green, Tan, Cherry, Brown, Beige, Black, Denim Blue, and Red colours are available.

What makes the Attache Briefcase and Bag Briefcase worthy and expensive?

  1. Holland Lining and Japanese Inner Lining.
  2. Genuine Premium Leather.
  3. Premium Italian Leather.
  4. Imported Hinges.
  5. Long Lasting Polish.
  6. Original Swiss Amiet Three-Digit and Two-Digit Number Combination Locks.
  7. Leather from Gold Rated Tanneries of LWG (Leather Working Group)

Where can I use it?

Specifically, it has been made for office use. Furthermore, it has been added with so many travel features. So, you can use it whether you are going outside your city or at the office and can store personal documents at home with security. Original Swiss Amiet combination locks add more security to your gait.

Who is this briefcase suitable for?

Doctors, Lawyers, Scientists, Bankers, Managing Directors, CEOs, Analysts, Architects, Pilots, Engineers, Accountents, Team Leaders, and many others can use these briefcases.

From where can I buy these attache briefcases?

You can buy it online at Leather Talks. Else, you can buy it from our physical stores in

Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata.

Peddar Road Store: Leather Talks Shop No: 4 97/98 Marshall Apartments August Kranti Marg Kemp's Corner near Shiv Sagar Mumbai-400036 PH: 022-23800057 / 8697737675.

Infinity Mall: Leather Talks, Infinity Mall Store No 127, 1st Floor Road, Malad, Mumbai- 400064, PH: +91 6292194542, +91 8697737678.

Delhi: Leather Talks, 169, Palika Bazar Connaught Place, New Delhi - 110001 PH: +91 9871211330.

Kolkata: Leather Talks, D-5 A C Market 1, Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata-700 071 PH: +91 9830031257.

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What makes it different from other office laptop bags?

First of all, LT Attache briefcases have a speciality for performing work and luggage purposes. Although, you can't carry a lot of luggage itself in these briefcases. Somehow, you can carry a night dress or a 1-2 days' dress with it. Jacob Portfolio bags/briefcases are perfect for a short trip.


Moreover, you can carry a laptop and iPad in separate compartments in these briefcases. There are separate slots to carry documents, nightdresses, wallets, notebooks, etc., in these laptop briefcases. Hence, you can use a leather Attache Briefcase instead of normal leather laptop bags.

Do they come with luggage strap and trolley strap?

Of course, to help all briefcase lovers, Leather Talks presents it with a hardy trolley strap and luggage strap. You can see a trolley strap on the back side of the bag. On the other hand, you can be benefited from the luggage strap which is in the bag. Jacob Bag/Briefcase is shoulder strap feature added and Other briefcase

How much is it secure?

Nevertheless, some visitors may have a concern if it is secure or not. I will tell you you can use it with full security because an Original Swiss Amiet Two Digit or Three Digit Number Combination Lock builds it secure from the outside and inside also.

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What if it is damaged after purchase?

Already, I have told you that the bag is secure and feature-packed totally. Somehow, if it gets damaged in the future, Leather Talks provides a Lifetime service warranty for manufacturing defects. You can be assured.

How can I connect With Leather Talks for upcoming Leather Attache Briefcases?

First, you need to purchase any single product or bulk products of leather Attache briefcase. Sing up during purchasing. Automatically, You will get connected with us. We will send upcoming collections through Email marketing and Whatsapp blust.

Can I purchase it for corporate gifting and personal gifting?

Yes, we customize corporate and personal gift items. However, we do logo customize and name personalize during corporate gifting. We send it covered an attractive gift box packaging.

Have any other Travel bags and office laptop bags in Leather Talks?

Sure, LT sells a variety of leather travel bags. Like,

Laptop/Folio Bags

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Massanger/Side Bags