Most of the Credit and Debit Cards these days are embedded with RFID chips that let you make cashless payments by just waving your card over the PDQ Machine. This definitely makes your life easy and hassle-free but also exposes you to the risk of digital theft. The crafty thieves of the present tech-savvy era can easily scan your personal data from the RFID chips in your cards and clone it. But no more, with the innovative RFID blocking range from Leather Talks, be assured about your safety. Apart from Genuine Leather, the wallets of the RFID range have been lined with a special RFID blocking material. Not only that, the wallets from the RFID range are extremely trendy and lightweight too.

RFID Gent’s Wallet

The RFID Gent’s wallet in Genuine Leather is an old-school bi-compartmental wallet that will easily go with your corporate as well as casual attire. The blue strings on the top and bottom give it a touch of style making it distinctive. The RFID guarded material will keep your card details shielded against digital pilferage.

RFID Ladies Wallet

The trendy yet formal Ladies Wallet in the RFID range has a noteworthy design and pragmatic features. The sleek wallet can be slipped into your work bag or carried in hand conveniently. Moreover, the RFID protective shield is there to guard your privacy.

RFID Wallet Gift Set

The RFID protective Genuine Leather Couple Wallet Gift Set is indubitably a high-end pair. Gift these matching wallets to strengthen your personal or corporate relations, nurture the special bonds and guard your loved ones from the grasp of digital theft.

RFID Click Card Case

Now wave your card over the PDQ machine and keep cool as the Genuine Leather RFID Card Case from the house of Leather Talks will keep your cards safe and protected from the sly digital thieves.

RFID Wallet with Card Case

Make convenience a comfort with the Genuine Leather RFID Wallet Card Case. Carry your cash and cards in this petite and smart accessory effortlessly with extra care of Radio-Frequency Identification Protection.