Leather Cufflinks Box (25 pairs)

Rs. 5,595
Color: Ostrich Black

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Product Description: Store your finest cufflinks, and rings, with this cufflink organizer and storage box. This Genuine Leather Cufflinks Box has a practical and contemporary design that not only holds your beautiful cufflinks with ease but also ensures it looks great wherever you keep it. Imported Acrylic top provides you with a better view to choose your beloved jewellery. A luxurious Lock System is provided to keep your jewellery safe. This Box can store up to 25 pairs of Cufflinks. 


*Large Acrylic Window

*Hold 25 pair.

*Imported Lock system.

Dimension: 19.55 X 19.55 X 7.37 (CM)

Material: Genuine Leather.

WARRANTY: Lifetime Service Warranty

Leather Talks & LT Smart products are now available in India, Singapore and Malaysia

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