Ladies Pocket Changer

Rs. 2,595

Product Description: This Ladies Pocket Changer is one of the best genuine leather accessory option for fashion lovers. It has five compartments to place your accessories safe. Few compartments have velvet cushions and few are covered with inner velvet lining to avoid your accessories from scratches and help you to fortify it over years as well as generations. It has separate compartment for sun glasses, earrings, studs, lockets, bracelets etc.

Technical specifications:

Material: Genuine leather

Leather: Stitch cherry


Lining: velvet

Logo: imported; lacqured & branded

Product Dimension: 33.02 X 17.78 X 5.08 (CM)

Warranty: Lifetime Service Warranty

Leather Talks & LT Smart products are now available in India, Singapore and Malaysia

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