LT Smart Notebook 2.0 Wireless Charging And 16 Gb Pen Drive With Power Bank (5000 mAh)

Rs. 4,995
Color: BLUE

Product Descriotion: Dream big but not work hard because it is high time to work smart and get smart, smart work brings the best results to uplift your smart dreams. Notebook has section sewn and perfect binding with rounded edges on top right and bottom right corner. It comes with inbuilt wireless charging and USB sleek and compact power bank facilitated by on/off standby switch. You can charge 3 devices at a time. 1 wireless charging and 2 USB ports for charging. Red light adjacent to charging area shows it is ready to use and blue light is a signal that charging is in process.

Technical specifications:

Size: LXBXH: 22.86 X 17.27 X 2.54 (cm)

Material: Genuine Leather Blue

 WARRANTY: Lifetime Service Warranty

Leather Talks & LT Smart products are now available in India, Singapore and Malaysia

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