5 reasons to use a Desktop Planner Set

Are you running messy to manage your tasks in the day to day work schedule? Is there any gut feeling that you might fall behind in achieving the targets? From now on, a Desktop planner can help you accomplish your goals on a routinely basis. But why should one use the Desktop accessory above other alternatives? Here’s is why-

1. Save Paper

Bid adieu to the colorful bits of reminder sheets and jot down your daily schedule in the gorgeous Genuine Leather Desktop Planner Set with 52 weekly sheets.

2. An organized approach

All you need is to jot down the tasks on a daily basis. Every morning, run through your schedule prior to a mindful start. What else? From now on, say goodbye to unwanted worries.

3. Prompt and easy to refer to

No matter how hectic is your schedule, the accessory will facilitate quick reference to all the necessary assignments that you might need in the workspace.


 4. Plan in advance

One need not rush things in the eleventh hour as there is scope to plan beforehand.

5. All in One Product

The Desktop Planner Set in Genuine Leather comes in a family of six, thus covering all your day to day needs together.

What else do you need to administer the responsibilities ahead of time? Just indulge into exploring the awesome Desktop accessory for better results!

To help you in the journey, Leather Talks’ Desktop Planner Set comes with export quality Genuine Leather finely crafted to drive impeccable outcomes. It contains 6 items- a rectangular Tray for holding smart phone, keys or loose essentials, a Memo Sheet holder, a Pen Tumbler with a small round clock, a Business Card Holder, a Photo-Frame and a Desktop Planner. Moreover, it has a middle section to hold the planning sheets, one box compartment to hold loose memo sheets, one box compartment to hold pens, stationary and one box compartment divided into three sections to hold pins, clips or gems clips.

Now, it’s high time to make the right choice!


P.S. The Desktop Planner Set is shrink wrapped and packed inside a box that has thermal lamination and 3 ply corrugation with handle for easy carrying, making it a Great Gift too !!!


Box Packaging of Desktop Planner Set I

Box Packaging of Desktop Planner Set II