A Creative Mix of Advanced Technology and Genuine Leather Gift Collection

Bringing in your hands, the richness of genuine leather and the smartness of the latest technology. A special curation with a unique blend of two. Intricately designed by skilled craftsmen, our leather is 100% genuine and made from the top-class genuine leather collection. Infusing the advanced knowledge of modern technology uplifts the whole scenario to another top level. If that sounds so intriguing and eye-catching for you, one can only imagine how splendid can such gifts make for special occasions. 
 Our motto is – gift someone that one thing, which, if you receive will mean the world to you! With that thought, take a good look at some of our best gifting options


LT Smart Desktop with Wireless Charging 

Your office desk or work-from-home table, will not just be neat and clean, but extremely presentable and classy. A space created by you that will motivate you to work. It is made from safiano material, which is a high-quality genuine leather that adds class to the product. Effectively usable, built with multiple level safety systems, for gadgets, such as iPad, MP3/MP4, mobiles, etc. Additionally, has an analog clock, pen compartment, and device slot. No more cluttered desktop, the intermingling of cables and wires, or even, the hassle of cleaning a lot!


LT-Smart Travel Wallet with Power Bank (2000mAh)

Compact travel power bank, disguised as a wallet with efficient functioning power for both. Curated with special premium leather, that adds a touch of class and smartness when you hold it in your hand. This is your on-the-go, travel-friendly instant charger which has slots made for cash and cards, with one transparent pocket. You can charge all of the following – iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, other mobiles, MP3 players, and more. All the more benefitting as it works for at the least 500 cycles and houses multiple level safety protection too. 


Notebook 2.0 with Wireless Charging(5000 mAh) And Pen Drive (16 GB)

Available in three beautiful attractive colors, the product is made from supreme quality genuine Nappa leather. Easy to travel with and convenient for rush hours charging, up to three devices altogether. A 16GB pen drive and a notepad to help you work and store data with ease. It has a safe and secure charging facility, while also incorporating wireless charging ability. Hidden Led lights to disguise this power-packed and storage efficient item, as a plain and simple notebook.