How is a handmade leather laptop bag crafted?

Handmade leather laptop bags have a journey of their own. There is labour and love involved in getting you a timeless classic that you will carry around and use. At Leather Talks, we want to offer you a sneak peek into all that goes into crafting a handmade leather laptop bag.

 Choosing the right leather

The first step is like the stepping stone to the successful journey of any handcrafted artisanal product. It is no different at Leather Talks. Handmade leather laptop bags begin their journey as a choice – the choice between hard leather or soft leather. As this choice is what defines the longevity and the end result of the product. 

At Leather Talks we spoil our customers for choice. We offer handmade leather laptop backpacks mens and laptop bags in both hard and soft leather.

 Determining the style of the bag

After the choice of leather, the style of the handmade leather backpack mens or laptop bags is determined. Various styles of bags are dominating in the India & US sales. Leather Talks has a classic and sophisticated design principle that is reflected across our product range. Made for the quintessential contemporary individual, our products are timeless and yet manage to evoke a sense of the prevalent times. The attention to detail is what sets apart our products from the thousands of other options that you are likely to come across. Most of our products are a balance of aesthetics and utility. Hence our products find the patronage of people across ages and from various walks of life.

 Cutting and shaping

After the style principles are determined, the handmade leather laptop bag starts taking shape. To initiate this, leather sheets are cut to the required sizes. Craftsmen cut the various pieces and elements of the bag so that they can be assembled and given the desired shape. Thing brings us to the next step – shaping. After all the elements have been cut, shaping the bag and structuring begins. Each element is stitched together to form the desired shape of the bag. This step too is crucial as this determines the ultimate form of the final product. Our artisans do so with care and that is reflected in the finished product that you take home with you.

Hand painting the bag

Leather Talks offers its customers a myriad of colour options to choose from. Gone are the days when leather products were only available in natural colours. From show-stopping reds to evocative greens, to soothing blues and the staple browns, leather products in colours are always available with us. Since we hand paint our handmade products, this option is available to our customers. Natural dyes are used to paint the handmade leather backpack mens. A varnish is applied to lock the colour and increase its longevity.

 Adding the finishing touches

Accessories such as the clasps, locks, tassels, and any other aesthetic elements are added at the final stages of production. All products go through a thorough inspection to ensure that you receive nothing but the best. From the proper working of zips to the alignment of all folds, colour patching and accessories check, all products are inspected for quality and only then make their way to the warehouses, followed by shelves or up on our website to finally reach you.

 The next time you decide to buy handmade leather backpack mens or even a handmade leather laptop bag, do stop and appreciate all the hard work and attention to detail that goes into creating what we at Leather Talks believe to be nothing less than a masterpiece of craftsmanship.