5 work-from-home accessories that complete your home office

Ever miss that feeling of walking into office and taking out your laptop and firing up the mean machine and realizing that you are going to hit the ball out of the park? Don’t miss that anymore. Just because you are working from home, does not mean that you have to feel less motivated and productive.

We bring you some work from home accessories that will complete your home office setup.


 1.  Leather stationery - mouse pad

Ask anyone what is the five top items that they miss from their office set-up and one of the answers is likely going to be a mousepad. A good mousepad makes work feel like a breeze. Even people who work on laptops, prefer using a mouse over the trackpad, as it adds to the ease of usage.

Leather Talks mousepads come in genuine leather. Available in three attractive colours – black, blue and brown, our mousepads help support your wrist and are large enough for you to manoeuvre the mouse and operate your laptop or desktop with ease. Order up online and avail the delivery at your doorstep.


 2.  Leather stationery - Writing pad

The art of putting pen to paper has been romanticized for eons. Yet, the feeling is still fresh. While boardroom meetings seem like a memory of the distant past, where you could jot down running notes, you can prepare your to-do list and attend minutes of those innumerable video calls on a writing pad.

Leather Talks offers premium leather stationery. Our writing pads are one of those work from home accessories that make absolute sense. Available in various colours and styles, you are likely to be confused and bound to pick up more than one. Did we mention the pragmatic design options that come with writing pad and a pen loop? Just putting that information out there!


 3.  Desktop accessory set

Tired of your family cribbing about the mess that you leave behind and the excuse that you call your home office set-up? Fret not, we have work from accessories that will make staying organized seem like a breeze and super stylish – so much so that, you’d be tempted to click pictures and upload them on Instagram!

Desktop accessory sets from Leather Talks are work from home accessories that will see you in good stead even if you shift back your office base back to work. Designed to accommodate all your stationery and house all other knick-knacks, you can make staying organized look like child’s play. What are you waiting for?Check out the entire collection now.


 4.  Desktop planner set

If you have OCD or simply love to keep things in place – the various Desktop Planner Sets that Leather Talks offers will feel like a dream, come true. Place your smartphone, keys and miscellaneous items neatly and in order. Organize stationery such as pens, loose sheets of paper, clips, stapler, punching machines, glues, and more all in one place.

Some desktop planner sets come with a beautiful watch built into the set, making it easier for you to keep track of time and manage it well. Available in various colours, and design options, shop for these premium products online and get them delivered to the safety of your home.


5.  Laptop bag

Just because you don’t have to travel back from work, does not mean that you can do away with a laptop bag. Your machine needs to be shut down or even put into sleep mode and then protected from those many oops moments of you dropping it, or someone accidentally doing the same. You need a laptop regardless.

Leather Talks offers a huge range of premium leather laptop bags available in various colours and style options. Our bags are of those accessories that will see you in good stead.

 We at, Leather Talks, would love to assure you that these unprecedented times too shall pass. Till then, keep breezing through work at home and remember – we are in this together!


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