Leather desktop items to add to the various tables you have at home

The planning, perspiration and pain that you put into setting up your home is commendable. But with time, clutter and messes are inevitable. We have some interesting leather desktop items such as a desktop planner, tumbler sets, slip trays and more that help you stay organized and make your home look the part.


1.  Desktop planner for the office table

The office table is inevitably loaded with books, files, loose documents, invoices, stationery items such as punching machines staplers, clips, pins, and whatever other bob nobs you might have. Add to that the entanglement and mesh of various wires and chargers for devices and wearables. Needless to say, that it is a mess to look at and a mess that you don’t really know how to declutter. Don’t you worry, Leather Talks offers desktop planners that make organizing your office desk feel like a breeze. Complete with compartments to hold stationery, papers, files and invoices – it makes the biggest of mess look neat. Choose from a variety of styles and colour options, you can shop online and get it delivered to your doorstep.


2.  Pen tumbler for the side table

The side table generally houses books or magazines that you are currently reading. Sometimes, while reading the chances of you wanting to write something down or even highlight something are higher. It is advisable to install a beautiful looking pen tumbler at your bedside table. Not only will it be able to house pens, you can also keep a highlighter handy in it. From hair clips, pins and even spectacle cases, you’d be surprised at how comfortably you can put everything inside it without things having to fall of the edges. Leather Talks offers them in various colours and stylish patterns, thus adding beauty to your master bedroom, effortlessly. 


3.  Slip tray for the centre table

How many times have you found yourself in the middle of an important conversation – chasing around the house for a pen and a piece of paper and then ended up scribbling something important on a newspaper. Adding fuel to the fire is when you misplace that piece of paper where you scribbled the information. Put a stop to this habit by simply placing a slip tray on your centre table.

Leather Talks offers slip trays in basic colours. It houses note pads easily. Whether you want to write a slip so that your help can run errands or put down a simple to-do list, or even note down an important phone number, you’ll be surprised how handy this comes in. 


4.  File tray for the console

If you have a console table made with wood or even with glass and alloy, it will be a great idea to add a complimenting file tray to it. You can house keys, spectacles, medicine pouches, and even face masks and a sanitizer bottle for safety. All your letters, invoices and other postages too can easily and neatly be placed inside it.

Leather Talks offers attractive file trays in genuine leather that help you keep any place clutter-free. Shop them online. 


5.  Magazine holder adjacent to the centre table

What if we could tell you that there is a leather desktop item or accessory that can house your TV remote, AC remote, books, magazines newspapers and other household miscellaneous items? Add to that, that it is made from genuine leather, and can easily be placed on the centre table or even adjacent to it! Yes, you read it right – Ekamon Desktop I is a multi-utility desktop accessory that people can’t do without. You can get yours by shopping on Leather Talks.

 Making a house a home, is no easy feat. But with Leather Talks by your side, you can keep your home organized and beautiful.