Work from home essentials

The onset of COVID-19 has set in a restriction on many activities, starting from hopping onto metros, visit to restaurants, working from the office and plenty more. If we are to conclude, the COVID-19 kept flashing red light to everyday activities. Today, the state of that situation has leveled up and many functions have resumed. But, one of the things that is still in play, more or less, is the situation of work from home. We cannot deny that the red-light flashes have come to a halt and we do believe, will slowly and steadily decline to a no COVID-19 phase (hoping for the best in 2021).
 In such a setting, work from home hasn’t totally stopped! Therefore, we have built these special products, that will help you to work from home, with the same feel and productivity, as you would in your office space.
From Leather talks’ house of office and desktop accessories, this minimal and effortlessly stylish desktop planner is bound to make you all geared up and active, to sit for work at home every day. It is created with genuine leather, in a brown shade, with a gorgeous texture that has a touch of deeper brown along the texture’s edges, perks up the entire look. It has a tray to hold documents, a business card holder, one pen & pencil stand, a table clock, a memo sheet holder and one desktop planner. Well, so many prior essentials packed together, to convert your normal house desk into a workaholic and chic office desk. Additionally, the usefulness and beauty of it makes for an awesome corporate gifting set.
This has got to be the most efficient and useful item, whether you’re going to the office or at, work from home schedule. Specially curated with, top-class Italian genuine leather quality and in brown shade, this brings in a simple yet very catchy look to your desk. An inbuilt power bank, 2 USB ports and 1 charging port, an on/off button, 4 led lights to display charging status, 1 hidden magnetic button that keeps the notebook secure and makes it easy to open/close. This is the most convenient item you need for your desk, where you can keep your gadgets charged up, without fail and within your reach. Letting you stay away from the hassles of too many wires, keeps your desk clean and helps you to pay all your attention to your work solely.
A special creation in work from home essentials from our range of home décor and lifestyle accessories. Built-in A-grade nappa genuine leather, with velvet lining, framed in strong steel material and wooden base. This product is a must-have for work from home needs! Multiple spacious compartments and pockets that accommodate all your desk essentials in one place, divided into appropriate sections. The steel hanger that hangs the chambers, and the strong wooden base that upholds the set with strength, brings forth an addition of a good old vintage charm, to your desk workspace. It is a beautiful and utmost functional addition to your desktop.