LT Smart/MG Valet Tray

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Morris Garages (MG) came into acquaintance with us when we were running a campaign for one of our premium folio bag on social media.

  • Representatives from MG reached out to us for a long standing business relationship with us.
  • They explored our products through a conference call and selected a host of products over a wide range which they planned to offer to their customers through various sales channels when they are in the process of buying a MG vehicle.
  • Out of all the products the first product that they selected was LT Smart Valet tray with wireless charging.
  • The product can be used as a wireless phone charging and docking station when their customers are on the move.
  • It can be conveniently placed inside the vehicle on the middle aisle since it comes fitted with EVA rubber to provide an anti-slip bottom.
  • The valet tray also has provision for keeping wallet, key rings and other essentials/belongings organized.
  • As a part of their branding policy we came up with a unique colab logo on the product and finally valet tray was a big success.
  • We are the only brand manufacturing and marketing this product in India and the first brand to develop this product in India and South East Asia. We are the fourth brand in the world to manufacture and market this product.
  • More stories from LT/MG collaborations is on the way……Keep visiting this space for more.

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