Leather Wooden Tie Hanger

Rs. 2,095
Color: Chatai Black

Product Description

It is sometimes a cumbersome task to roll or fold every tie and keep it neatly after every use. Also, it takes up a whole drawer in the wardrobe which could have been used otherwise.

Well, no more !!! Leather Talks has come up with a perfect solution for this routine problem with the Genuine Leather Tie Hanger.


Genuine Leather encasing on wooden framework

12 Tieholders that can hold 12 Ties neatly preventing them from wrinkling

Easy to use accessory with 360-degree swivel helps you to pick up any Tie at a glance

Colour : Weave Black


Genuine Leather

WARRANTY: Lifetime Service Warranty

Leather Talks products are now available in India, Singapore and Oman

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